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Posted by Sam Vernallis on March 05, 19101 at 17:42:44:
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Gotcha. I talked with the city inspector this morning. He was unhappy with that 3/4" that runs to the spa, thought it should have been 1" ... but that's what they approved when it was originally installed years ago.

City requires I tee off the meter with a 1/2" galvanized pipe that goes only to the fireplace, (I'll be running the pipe outside the house above grade for about 70 feet to get to the fireplace position), or replace the 3/4" to the spa with a 1". : The pipe size will have to be calculated on the distance from the meter to the fireplace even though it will probably be able to come off the spa line. The codes I have worked under always have specified that you need a manual shutoff within 3 ft. of the fireplace burner for emergency control purposes.

I'll probably have Home Depot cut and thread the pipes for me so I don't have to try to learn that the hard way.

What would you use to tie the pipe to the stucco exterior wall? I know I have to have a support every 6', but am unsure just what to use.

Any guidance anyone can give me would be appreciated.



: : I'm adding a "direct vent" AFUE wall furnace rated natural gas fireplace to a family room, and need to run gas pipes from an existing spa heater line at the side of the house, up 10 feet to the patio cover, then around the house to where the fireplace will be, in through the stucco wall, and down to the fireplace. Inside the house, the pipe will be hidden behind a new wall into which the fireplace is mounted.

: : Total run will be about 50 feet of pipe.

: : The fireplace max input BTU rating is 22,000.

: : I'm having difficulty finding accurate info on how to plan the installation, such as required pipe size, whether I'll have to come all the way from the meter or if I can use the spa line? Could I use stainless steel flex pipe to make the connection between the spa and the steel? Is there a sheathing requirement where the pipe comes through the exterior wall?

: : The pipe will be above ground the entire run. Oh: I live in Southern California.

: : Any help or guidance anyone can provide would be most appreciated.

: : tia

: : Sam Vernallis

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