mortar bed on plywood subfloor, 2nd story bathroom
Posted by ray on March 05, 19101 at 14:11:47:

I've done many handy-man jobs, including a previous bathroom remodel. In that job, I used dur-rock on top of the plywood floor. Unfortunately, the floor was not very level and I am unhappy with the result. So, I am going to proceed with a mortar bed on my masterbath job. Based on the reading I've done (to include a msg on you site), here is how i am going to proceed. I'd like any feedback you might have:

a. Felt paper (the stuff you use on a roof) laid flat on the plywood subfloor.

b. Metal lathe/meshing on top of the felt paper.

c. Sand to cement ratio of 4:1 (per a response you provided, the sand/cement mixture should "look and feel much to dry to use" and should be able to "pack like a snowball").

d. Screed the sand/cement misture level.


1. Do I staple the felt paper to the plywood? (thinking no since staples will puncture the barrier).

2. Do you pack the mortar bed down forcefully (thinking using an trowel and applying good pressure).

3. Do I need to "raise" the metal messing above the floor, so that, for example, the messing is more toward the middle of the mortar bed?

4. What do you use to "texture" the surface of the mortar bed?