low pressure on moen bathtub faucet
Posted by saint on March 05, 19101 at 11:08:21:
I recently installed a new Moen Villeta faucet in my bathtub/shower. For some reason, I only have about half the water pressure that I had with my really old faucet that I had replaced. I am sure that the lines are clear and that I have installed the diverter "right side up". I was wondering if there could be something wrong with the cartidge itself. The hot and cold water controls seem to be working okay, I just can't seem to get the same amount of water pressure that I had with the old faucets. By the way, I am referring to the main bathub spout, and NOT the shower head (which is a low flow shower head).
Any help or suggestions out there. I am going to turn the water supply off again tonight and take it all apart to see if something is wrong but I want to get this resolved before I start installing my backerboard on the walls.
Any help????

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