Sterling vs. Briggs Toilets
Posted by Carol on March 04, 19101 at 19:19:32:
I'm in the process of purchasing a new house and wanted ADA toilets installed. The builder agreed to do it as a non-standard. I knew that there would be a markup for any change but was amazed to learn that for me to substitute it would cost $300 per toilet. The builder was putting in Sterling toilets and I was told that these $300 "thrones" would be Sterling. I was out to the house today and the toilets were in and they are Briggs. Briggs happens to be a brand of plumbing that I am completely unfamiliar with, and before I voice a complaint to the builder I want to know a bit more. Is Briggs comparable to Sterling in quality and should I be concerned about the substitution? Thanks for your helpl

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