water softener overflow
Posted by mike on March 04, 19101 at 12:02:17:
Hello: Last nite, our Aquatek water softener(in mobile home closet) started it cycle and my wife noticed the terrible sound of water dripping. Water was flowing out of the overflow on the back. We thought maybe the cycle had a brain fart of somekind and bailed enough water out of the tank and let the cycle continue through. the next cycle(s) made all sorts of strange noises. Taking the cover off the top, there seems to be a small push/plunge type of valve controled by an eccentric cam, that is depressed and will not come back out. Anyway, the cycle completed and water is still coming out of somewhere internal to the tank and is still causing the overflow.

??? Any suggestions?? Of course this all happened at 1:00 am sunday.

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