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Posted by Hal on March 04, 19101 at 09:15:56:
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: Can anyone e-mail me directions on how to install a new commercial wall hung American AStandard toilet

Most, if not all "wall mounted" toilets require a "carrier" frame with bolts, to be installed inside the wall cavity.
This carrier also needs 12" or more of space behind the gyp board (inside wall).
This carrier also needs to set on a solid floor inside the wall cavity.
If you do not have the "carrier" you may still be able to tear into the wall (an opening of 2' square or more) and use a heavy wood frame to support it, but design it well- many 2"x10"s, and pressure treated wood a must.
My best advice- trade it for a floor mount if it is for home use, or hire a plumbing contractor!

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