Re: Leaking Hot Water Heater
Posted by paul on March 04, 19101 at 02:05:33:
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It depends on where the leak is. If either the pop off valve
or the drain valve is dripping, then these can be fixed.
Also, if there is water leaking around the seal of one
of the heating elements, the gasket can be replaced.

Is it possible you are getting a large amount of
condensation on your cold water pipes which appears
to be a leak when it drips off? Insulating those pipes
would cure it if that was the problem.If however, the leak
is around the pipe fittings, or the tank itself, then you
definitely will need to replace the water heater.
Most water heaters have about a 10-15 year warranty, I believe,
and we all know that they are programmed by the manufacturer
to fail immediately thereafter. :-)
Be sure to follow all safety precautions when working on a hot
water heater. You are dealing with 220 current and scalding water.

: My hot water heater leaks a quart or two of water
: usually in the winter when the teperature gets below
: 20 degrees outdoors (and when the utility room where
: it is located gets a little chilly). The unit is
: about 12 years old. Is there a good chance the leak
: continue to get worse and eventually flood my basement ? Thanks.

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