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Posted by hj on March 03, 19101 at 15:35:12:
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If it is a plastic box, then the drain has a plastic cover over it. If there is only one cap you have no problem. Just hit it with a hammer and screwdriver and then break it out. If there are three caps, then you will have to find out which one goes to the pipe by removing the trim ring and looking into the wall. Then do the same thing to the proper cap.

: Hi! I am in dire straights. I am having a new washer/dryer installed in my new condo and the delivery/install man has told me that he can not complete the job because the drain valve cap needs to be removed before he can connect the machine properly.

: My question is, Is this something that I can do myself without causing any damage? Do I need to contact a plumber? I already contacted one and they said they don't do that, that the cap is removed at delivery time. I am very confused!

: I would appreciate any help that you can offer.

: Sincerely,
: Nicole

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