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Posted by Chuck on March 03, 19101 at 11:46:22:
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They sell split escutchens to replace the one already there. If you remove the escutchen it should give you more room to open up the wall.
I'm just a plumber's son, not an expert.

: I'm trying to put in a p-trap for a pedestal sink and am having a hard time. This is a remodel so the drywall was just put on and can be taken off.

: There�s a brass 90 in the wall I�ve got to get the trap into. Right now there�s a 2 �� long piece of copper from that 90 which sticks out about �� from the finished wall. I�ve got to sweat the trap on with the drywall in place because of the escutchen plate. So far I�ve used emory cloth to take the chrome off of the trap and tried to solder it in the copper stub. The trap is too small though with probably 1/64th� gap all around and I can�t get a good sweat joint. The fact that I have to do it with the drywall in place without burning it too badly and work around the escutchen plate with only �� of copper sticking out of the wall doesn�t help. If I use a longer piece of copper out of the wall, the flange won�t sit flush to the wall.

: I am using some sheet metal to shield the drywall, but it's not helping me sweat the joint.

: Any advice? There must be an easier way that I�m not seeing.

: Thanks.

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