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I've found that Absolut has much less impurities than Smirnoff. Stoli could be comparable, however. Jack would be a valid control case for areas with charcoal-mellowed water.

John, I wish I really had the time to devote to this. Truth is, I manage construction projects for a humongous engineering/construction firm (name withheld to protect my ass). Since our company is global in scope, I chalk up this equatorial investigation to "necessary research".

In my real spare time, I'm going home on weekends to a renovation of my house, where I'm the plumber and electrician (and duly licenced to do the work, courtesy of a code knowledge test that my county administers). It includes a new master bath, which is what led me to this wonderful board. My current quandry is a new shower, and whether I should use a fiberglass receptor or go with tile. My heart says tile, my head and my tile person (otherwise known as "the wife" or simply "boss") says cheap/easy way. BTW, nice tile site, I've been over there to visit quite a bit also.

: Shouldn't the test also be made using Smirnhoff vodka to eliminate any extraneous bias? Or possibly Jack Daniels in case the vodka itself skews the results.

: : : The obvious intuitive answer is that there is no coriolis effect at the equator; therefore, the water would go straight down. However, this does not take into consideration the earth's magnetic fields and their effect on intermolecular bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up your water molecules, which can skew the equation to the right or left. Since this is a small effect, it can be altered by nearby magnetic devices (or a large solar flare). One obvious source of extraneous magnetic fields are memory chips. Therefore, it follows logically that the flush direction would tend towards the nearest MP3 player or refrigerator magnet.

: : : This answer has been researched exhaustively using Absolut Vodka as the liquid medium of choice.

: : CM,

: : I've concluded that you, like me perhaps, don't have enough to do during the day. Do you need a job?

: : John

: : : : What direction do toilets flush at the exact center of the equator? Please e-mail me or post the answer here. Thank you so much!

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