Re: flushing toilets at the equator
Posted by CM on March 01, 19101 at 08:11:15:
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The obvious intuitive answer is that there is no coriolis effect at the equator; therefore, the water would go straight down. However, this does not take into consideration the earth's magnetic fields and their effect on intermolecular bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up your water molecules, which can skew the equation to the right or left. Since this is a small effect, it can be altered by nearby magnetic devices (or a large solar flare). One obvious source of extraneous magnetic fields are memory chips. Therefore, it follows logically that the flush direction would tend towards the nearest MP3 player or refrigerator magnet.

This answer has been researched exhaustively using Absolut Vodka as the liquid medium of choice.

: What direction do toilets flush at the exact center of the equator? Please e-mail me or post the answer here. Thank you so much!

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