American Standard Vent Away
Posted by David on February 28, 19101 at 17:36:19:
Posted by David on February 28, 19101 at 17:36:19:

I don't know if I'm doing this reply correctly (by posting a new message) to follow up on my original question on Vent Aways...but here goes:

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First of all, let me say many thanks for your speedy follow up. This is absolutely amazing, and your reply is great!.

One of the nuts is indeed a round nut with lots of holes in it (the Zurn carrier you mentioned?..its about the size and thickenessof a dollar coin).

I'd aprpreciiate it if you could send me instructions for this.

Once again, many thanks!

: You put a nut on the two bottom bolts and the upper left one. You screw them on until they are flush with the tile. Then you put plain metal washer on each of the three so it sits on the face of the tile. Put the seal gasket in the bowl recess and mount the toilet using the cardboard washers and chrome acorn nuts. Finally install the fourth cardboard washer and acorn nut on the upper right bolt and just snug it against the bowl. This all assumes you do not have a Zurn carrier with a round nut with a lot of holes in it. If you have that then e-mail back for instructions for that nut.
: : I'm in the middle of re-modelling my bathroom. I have a American Standard Vent Away wall mounted toilet.
: : I took it off the wall to replaster, re-tile etc. However, I should have made a note of the order of the nuts and washers
: : so I can bolt it back on correctly. Anybody get any ideas? Maybe a contractors installation diagram? There's nothing on the
: : Amercian Standard website.
: : There are 2 backets bolted to the 2 by 6 wall studs, then there's 4 big treaded studs bolted to the brackets.
: : I think I should install dryall, then tile, then put a nut of the threaded stud, then a washer (to protect the toiltet, then the toilets, then another
: : washer, then then final chrome finishing nut.
: : Help!

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