Stuck Well Pump
Posted by Robert F. Tulloch on February 28, 19101 at 10:11:13:

I have a 4" well with an old Deming pump. The Delivery pipe rusted through and
though the pump still ran, the water leaked back into the well.

I had a company come to replace it and it the process of trying to remove the old
pump, the pipe broke off just above the old pump.

We put in a new pump at 55' (water table at 35'), just above the old one. The problem
is that the old pump naturally restricts the flow of water from below (about 4 gpm).

I need to do one of the following:

a) Drill a new well (least desirable)

b) Put the old delivery pipe back together with drive couplings and head and try to
drive the old pump down out of the area where it had resided for 20-30 years. This
would hopefully provide enough clearance to allow 10-15 gpm flow around it. Naturally,
the deeper I could get it the more head from the water table to provide that flow. I
am considering adding acid (HCL) to the well to assist in freeing the rust/corrosion.

c) Determine if there is some "slick" way of getting the pump out with a "hook" or a
giant easy-out screwed in where the pipe broke off.

Any suggestions/ideas/great insight would be appreciated.


Best regards

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