Water filtration and treatment options
Posted by Michael Trout on February 27, 19101 at 14:21:16:
We recently bought a 1928 house with a 100' well. The only water test done was for bacteria, which was negative. The previous owners installed a timed green sand device, which we are continuing to use (otherwise there's a slight to moderate sulfur smell). The green sand tank is several years old. There's also a big Culligan double-tank system, but it isn't hooked up and apparently hasn't been used for many years. We do have a slight problem with a fine black grit that appears in the toilet tanks (sometimes a few grains appear in drinking glasses). We're concerned the grit could damage the boiler circulator. There doesn't seem to be a problem with hardness, but we do get some spotting in the dishwasher (despite a rinse agent), and if you let a glass of water evaporate, the scale is noticable. Also a little algae is appearing in the toilet tanks. Should we consider additional water treatment? Are there inexpensive devices that can take care of the sulfur smell, grit, and maybe knock down some of the minerals, all at once? Or should we keep the green sand and add something else? Our budget for this is very limited.

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