replacing cast iron steam pipe with copper tubing
Posted by Paul Janus on February 27, 19101 at 11:37:03:
My wife and I have bought an old house. It has a gas fed steam boiler and cast iron feed and return pipes, and cast iron radiators. The system needs a good cleaning--some radiators don't get hot, those that do really do though. The hot and cold water lines in the house are an array of every metal known to man. Also, the floors are not worth keeping so they will be coming up. With all of this one-time, easy access, I will be repalcing all the hot/cold lines, and wonder if now is the time to replace the cast iron steam lines with copper. What I would hope to gain is a system that is care-free for many years, and one that is laid out better, namely conceling pipes in walls, which is currently not the case.

I am curious what the above plan will sound like to the board, but the BIG QUESTION is is mixing copper with cast iron radiators and boiler a problem in the 'mixing metals' category?

Thank you for your thoughts,

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