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Posted by Charlie on February 26, 19101 at 13:36:28:
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When your dryer door is closed, assuming your connections are reasonably well sealed, I suspect that there is very little flow into your system. You could check this out sometime where her exhaust is working but your dryer is closed by feeling your exhaust duct and seeing if it is getting warm. If not, you're OK.

The lint on the wrong side of your filter should get blown off when you do your drying.

It would be possible to rig up a system to prevent flow in your direction. After all, the vents on theoutside of the building probably have a flap system that lets air out but do not let wind (or birds, etc.) in. If you like to tinker you could probably adapt something like that to your system.

You might also talk with your neighbor, who probably gets your lint and moisture when you're drying, os you both have the same problem.

: i am in an apartment complex, and i recently bought a washer and dryer. i've discovered that my upstairs neighbor's dryer vent is connected either directly or indirectly to mine. if i leave my dryer door open when she is drying clothes, my apartment fills with warm moist air and my dryer's filter accumulates lint on the "wrong" side. closing the dryer door keeps the air from her dryer out of my apartment, but i fear that even more condensate accumulates in my dryer.

: i have two questions:
: 1. is this legal, and in accordance with most codes?
: 2. how can i protect my dryer from the effects of this added moisture?

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