Hot water line to ALL facuets
Posted by No Hot H20 on February 24, 19101 at 13:36:51:
I had a slab leak in '97, when the contractor repaired the leak I noticed slight drop in the water preasure on the hot water line. I mentioned this and was told it simply had to build back up. Needless to say it never did. Approximately 1 month ago I started noticing a major decease of water flow coming from the hot water line to all facuets throughout my home. Hired a plumber, he replaced the pipes (cold & hot water lines), gate value, and replaced the union on the connection to the water heater. He also flushed the tank approx. 5 times. He stated the water pressure increased, however when I got home. . . it is nothing more than a trickle to all facuets. Now I'm told it cold be sediment buildup in the line. How is it detected where the buildup is and how is it repaired. Please help!

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