repairing the gap around kitchen sink
Posted by Ric Hanna on February 23, 19101 at 05:14:31:
Bon jour. We have a nice old 1950 cast iron porcelain kitchen sink mounted from under the countertop, not dropped-in, and it's still in good condition and we really like its size and depth. Problem is after all these years the weight and moisture have caused the screws in the rusty old mounting pieces underneath around the edges to come loose and the sink has dropped considerably leaving a gap around the upper edge which admits water. Previous owners were caulking crazy and this was only a temporary fix, not a solution to the real problem. I'm overseas most of the time so when my wife called a plumber, naturally he recommended a new counter and sink. I said no way, I'll fix it properly when I'm home next week. Yeah right. Now I plan to disconnect the sink, remove it and the crappy caulking, jack it back up into place tight against the underside of the counter and re-fasten it with new holding pieces in different spots than before so the screws hold and then put a small bead of caulk around the top of the sink where it joins the countertop. My problem is simply that I cannot find these old type metal clamps to hold the sink against the underside of the countertop. Any advice on where to get them or must I have them fabricated? Thanks for your advice. Cheers, Ric.

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