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Posted by Carl (IL) on February 22, 19101 at 20:18:21:
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I am not a plumber but I too had a waterlogged water pressure tank and got excellent results doing the following.

First, disconnect power to your well pump, this might could be accomplished by flipping a breaker at your electric panel. You should have a 'garden hose' type spiggot near the bottom of your tank, it might be attached to your water pipe exiting the tank. Run a hose from this connector to a drain and open the valve. Hopefully you have a air compressor input valve, (looks like a bicycle tire air valve). I connected a compressor to this valve while the water was draining, (being sure not to exceed approx 40psi). When the tank stopped gurgling inside, the water tank was empty. Close the drain water valve and pressurize the tank to approximately 20psi. Disconnect the compressor and turn on the breaker to the well pump.

I have lived in this house for 10 years and the tank has never run this well, (alot quieter too).

Good Luck.

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