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Posted by Wen Reder on February 22, 19101 at 00:16:40:
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I just finished re-tiling my bathroom and it's a lot of work if you're not experienced (as I was)and somewhat time consuming when "cutting" down tiles. A dremmel tool with tile cutting bit and abrasive cut-off wheels make clean smooth "cuts" which nibblers just can't do !! I watched many VIDEO's (HomeTime, etc.) as well as read several D.I.Y. books and actually picked up some very good "tips and techniques" !! The one thing to avoid is "accumulating error, that is once a row is "uneven" ALL other rows will "follow". I'm not sure if I helped you at all, but I could NOT resist adding my two cents...... GOOD LUCK !!
Wen Reder

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