We Slidellians installed an acrylic surround
Posted by Barbara on February 20, 19101 at 19:43:24:
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and I really like it. Be aware that it takes a lot longer and is a lot harder (and takes a lot more of that Liquid Nails for Tub Surrounds) than the box leads you to believe.

Are you going to remove your old plastic tiles, or try to glue over them? We actually put up a cheap tub surround first, decided we couldn't bear it, and after some experimentation with waste pieces from the old and the new, discovered we could glue one to the other "flat pieces" just fine. (We pulled down the curvy pieces first, removed as much of the old glue as possible, then I reskimmed the greenboard where it was damaged).

I don't know if you're on N.O. water, but we have a well; because our water (despite a filter) is rusty, we didn't want tile, because the cleaning products you use to remove rust will "etch" the tile. If you do have rusty water, make sure to dilute the rust remover first, and to apply it pretty evenly everywhere, or you will see some discoloration.

For just regular once a week maintenance, they make a spray cleaner and cleanser (called "GelGloss" I think) that works just fine and is easy to use.

The man at the hardware store told me that it's best if you get a tub surround that has a few pieces (i.e., opportunity for leaks) as possible. We also found a better selection at better prices at our local hardware store than we did at Home Depot, which surprised us.

Best of Luck and Happy Mardi Gras!

Barb (a N.O. native trapped on the Northshore)

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