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Posted by CM on February 20, 19101 at 17:04:47:
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: Here's an odd question for you. I work at a children's museum and am looking to creat a play structure for children to crawl through. I'm wondering if you can buy 30" to 36" PVC pipe and fittings, elbows, tees, etc. And what the cost might be?

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: Clark

See the link below - I don't have any idea about pricing, but it won't be cheap. Note that this stuff is designed to be layed underground with continuous support - I would be leery of using it to span any gap with the weight of a child inside! Also note that when you get into the large diameters, the outside of the pipe is ribbed, not smooth. Other manufacturers may have a smooth walled pipe but this will have superior strength. A final note is that you may want to check with the local fire marshal about using this indoors. Given all that, it sounds like a good idea - where were you when I was small enough to crawl through a 36" pipe?

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