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Posted by william doolittle on February 19, 19101 at 15:14:49:
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: Low flow is terrible. we have spent hundreds of dollars replacing new low flow with other. we have two to the 3 gal toilets in the house and will never get rid of them. they save water because the low flows are flushed several times each bowel movement and still get glogged. Is this some kind of conspiracy jto waste water. Bill DoolittleSave your time and frustration. The manufacturers fought the new regulations, but now that they have invested millions of dollars in developing the low flush models, they are fighting all efforts to roll back the requirement. But the good low flush ones work as good as the 3.6 ones you used to have.

: : These things are worthless!!!! I have one in my new, second floor bathroom, and they are at my office,both in the private and public bathrooms. The one at home is clogged, EVERY SINGLE TIME. My boys, the ones who use it most, have taken to flushing after every wipe!!! That's like, 6 flushes!!! At work, the toilet paper sticks to the sides of the bowl and I will just pump the handle which means it is acutally flushing, like 5 or 6 times. How economical is that? I'm sure it's more water than one flush with a standard toilet. Who can I send this to that will read it and care? I mean I want to post it to a government website or something. Someone has to open their eyes and admit these things are more trouble than they're worth.

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