Gas vs. Electric --50 Gallon Water heater
Posted by Walt_FL on February 19, 19101 at 08:33:41:
Hi Folks,

Nice board Terry, Thank You. I have an original? 1975 Sears Gas water heater. I was thinking it would be a good idea to replace it before it goes. I read that wholesale Natural Gas prices have tripled recently. I believe Gas has always been cheaper but now i am not sure, especially since getting a $200 bill for gas last month. Can anyone help me with a comparison using todays costs for Gas/Electric? Any ideas, suggestions, or Information is greatly appreciated. My Gas company gives a Free 40 gallon water heater ($80 to upgrade to 50 Gal) if you pay for installation, Etc.
I am more concerned with monthly recurring costs than installation costs which ar comparable.



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