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Posted by Akmed on November 02, 1998 at 21:00:03:
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Lori:--I have been troubled in by heart since hearing of the loss of Claw Foot Tubs feet. It is hard sometimes to be brave when Fate acts in such capricious ways. Was this the result of a skiing accident or possibly a motor vehicle misadventure?
I take it by the name,"Old Claw Foot Tub" that your Patient is either a Native American or Eskimo. I have a Brother-in-law in my native land whos' name when translated into English means "A large Horses Rump".
Please convey my heartfelt sypathies to the Elder Claw Foot Tub in this unfortunate turn of events.
I will talk with my Broter-in-Law about the possibility of having some prosthetic replacements
made, perhaps carved from Whale bone or some other acceptable ethnic art medium. The other parts may require some help and guidence from a Urologist. May your tent be blessed with laughter and long life...Akmed

: I have an old claw foot tub,
: : I haven't been able to find any feet for it.
: : Does anyone know where to find feet and maybe
: other parts for it, like a drain and shower head
: etc. ?

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