removing/replacing toilet to sewer main pipe
Posted by curtis andrew beckwith on February 18, 19101 at 07:06:39:
howdy! i own one of the oldest homes in my somewhat young city, my home was built in 1910. i finally investigated the source of an intermittent gurgling sound coming from under the bathroom, and have discovered the main (6"?) drain pipe under the toilet to have developed holes along it's bottom, and leaking water at a steady rate. it is cast iron, quite ancient. the section in question is the part that joins through the floor from the toilet proper, running from there to the first joint of the main sewer drain.
i am quite poor, so the idea of hiring a professional to do the repair job would place my financial situation in jeopardy, therefore, if it is at all possible, i would like to attempt the job myself. so, specifically, i am needing info and advice on the following questions:
what is the preferred replacement material, perhaps abs?
how do i break the seal at the first joint? (despite the 6" diameter, are these pipes threaded and screw into the joint?)
how do i join abs (if used) to the cast iron joint?
i assume i will have to remove the toilet completely, and be prepared to replace the connections between the toilet and the start of the cast iron segment proper.
i would also ask what problems i should watch out for concerning the reinstallation of this section.
i know it is obvious that i am inexperienced and unknowledgeable about this procedure, and will quite understand if i am advised to let the work done by a professional, i am quite open to hearing this, hopefully with reasons why.
thanks for providing this forum~

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