Re: Moen faucet 'plaster ground'
Posted by hj on February 18, 19101 at 00:30:17:
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It is flush with the tile until you have completed the tile work. Then you remove it and throw it away, since the metal plate covers the hole and possibly recesses into the opening depending on the model.

: I am replacing my old three knob shower faucet with a new Moen single faucet. It comes with a 4 1/2 inch diameter plastic 'plaster ground' -from the pictures, it appears I cut a 4.5 inch hole in the cementboard, install the 'plaster ground', and the valve sticks through it. The plaster ground has four large slots, which look like they would be inspection holes to see if the valve joints are leaking.

: My question - this seems like a big hole, with nice slots for water to get in behind the wall. Do I tile over the plaster ground, or should it stand flush with the tile (installation drawing isn't clear). I'm going to great lengths to avoid water damage (why I'm remodeling in the first place), with cement board and plastic sheeting. The thought of a big hole behind the escutcheon makes me uncomfortable....

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