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Posted by Bobby on February 18, 19101 at 00:22:24:
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Robert - to service the valve, you'll need to do the following;

remove handle and behind that is a "dome" cover. Unscrew the dome cover and remove all trim with the two screws exposed outside the wall.

Next, with the water on full hot, unscrew the tiny flat head screw one revolution. This should allow you to turn the handle more into the hot position. You have to do this with the water on. If you completely remove the screw and still can't get enough hot water, thread the screw back in. That screw is your high temperature limit stop. If adjusting that doesn't take care of your problem, figure out if the water coming out of the lav faucet is hot enough.

I'm betting that the high temperature limit stop is the problem. If not - e-mail me at, and I'll help you further. In your reply, tell me how new your home is, and what area of the country you live in.

I represent Symmons Industries, and have worked on a these valves occasionally.

I'm betting you just live in an area that has huge fluctuations in the cold water temperature.

: I've just moved into a new house with a Symmons Temptrol in one of the baths. The water isn't hot enough, and I would like to replace the unit.

: I've removed the Handle Screw after some wrestling...but I can't seem to remove the temperature control handle in order to get into the rest of the system! Is there something I'm missing, or just can't decipher from Symmons' cryptic installation manuals online?

: Thanks,
: Rob

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