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Posted by Geoff on February 17, 19101 at 11:36:00:
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:In many cases the manufacturers of the fiberglass showers have referals for repair companies to come out and repair these types of problems. You can also look in the phone book under fiberglass repair or shower repair Im not sure where it will show up. The problem is that your shower is wearing out and the cracks will eventually open up and create new repair problems to deal with. You might want to start planning the bathroom remodel you have always wanted. You can use a fiberglass repair kit sold at stores like Home Depot who carries Evercoat fiberglass repair kits and do a repair to the surface of your shower. It is only a temporary repair and eventually will need to come out. It will give you some time. They also sell Klenks epoxy coating to refinish the tub afterwards. hope this helps.

Sear Sirs,
: I have an old fiberglass bathtub (<20 years) that has hairline cracks on the bottom about 4-5" long. Is there a quick way to seal or repair these cracks? Is there a particular adhsive or sealant I can use? I do not know if they leak.

: Thanks for the Advice,
: Marty

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