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Posted by Chris on February 17, 19101 at 11:33:32:
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Turn the gas valve off, Open the pilot window in the front of the burn chamber. Wait 30 seconds for the excess gas to release. Turn valve to pilot, and while depressing the valve, light the pilot light --- crown like valve in front of burner. Keep the valve depressed for about 30 seconds and release. If the pilot goes out, repeat the process again. If pilot stays on, turn valve to on...

: This isn't a plumbing-related question but rather a question about our heater that hopefully someone can help with. We have a Dearborn gas furnace andneed to light the pilot light, but can't find where to light it at. I know the steps to take to light it, I just can't find where the flame is supposed to be. Does anyone know where the pilot light flame is on these heaters? Thanks.
: Jamie

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