Replumb questions
Posted by Scott Hodges on February 17, 19101 at 10:31:23:
Time to bite the bullet and replumb existing copper in slab lines. This is a major problem in our area with copper pipes getting pinholes after 12 - 15 years. On the Gulf Coast generally warm climate. Suggested type of pipe to use?
Also the meter is on the other side of the driveway with the water line passing under and then to the front of the house. We have 6 foot concrete porch across front(slab extends out 6 feet @ 3 foot high) so I don't we can come in here and will have to reroute. This means either going under the drive way (asphalt) to that side of the house or having the water service moved down the front of the lot to come in the other side of the house. And ballparks on cost of doing either?

thanks in advance

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