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Posted by ben on February 16, 19101 at 19:00:41:
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: : We're renovating our bathroom and installing a new half bath. In the new half bath we plan to use the 3 gallon toilet from our old bathroom. My question is it better to install a new 4" branch drain or should we go with a 3 inch? Is there any benefit to installing a 4 inch?

: Eh..I am a novice too. If it were up to me , I would put in a drain that was as large as possible, seems like there would be less chance of obstructions. However I would not put in a 4"waste line that feeds into a 3" main line, would seem like there could be a back flow issue. If I am wrong, I am sure we will hear about it ;)

I found out that 3" is better due to increased velocity. Always use the smallest acceptable size of pipe... Now we know..

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