Tandem Hot Water tanks
Posted by David Waring on February 16, 19101 at 15:40:12:
I have a 12 year old single 75 gallon, gas, hot water tank. I am considering replacing it with two 40 gallon tanks. Even with teenage daughters, our current tank is large enough so am not trying to get extra capacity. However, in two years it will be just my wife and I at home, so will not need the current size. Since I will need to probably replace the current tank within the next couple of years anyway, thought I might go to the tandem arrangement. The wall spacing will allow both tanks to be next to each other with their respective vent pipes equal lengths to the current single opening.

Question 1: Assuming we have the correct valve & plumbing arrangement, can I operate either tank indepedently of the other?

Question 2: When I need the full hot water capacity, should I have the tanks piped together in series (with the first one being a pre-heater for the second tank) or parallel (both feeding the house at the same time)?

Any other advice or concerns?


Dave Waring

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