Bathroom in the basement
Posted by Mike on February 15, 19101 at 23:10:38:
I need advise on my current situation. My basement is below grade. When the house was built last year a sump pump was installed to take the drain water up and out to the curb. At the time of construction bathroom drain pipes and a pump (below the basement floor) were roughed in. I'm getting ready to have the bathroom in the basement finished and decided to plug the bathroom pump in to see what happened. What I found is that the bathroom pump is also collecting drain water and is sending it into the sewer system. This does not seem to be the proper set up. I would think that the bathroom pump, although its below the basement floor, should be a self contained unit that only accepts sewage from the bathroom. Am I right? If so, I need to get the proper bathroom pump system installed so that only bathroom waste is pumped into the sewer. Where do I get a self contained unit and information so that I know the job will be done right? Please help.

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