water service sizing
Posted by Paul Costan on February 15, 19101 at 14:30:44:
My 90 year old house has mostly galvanized pipe, and flow is a real problem. I'm looking to have at least the service line from the meter replaced, with the objective of being able to run three fixtures simultaneously, for example, have the lawn sprinkler on while taking a shower and not running dry when some one flushes a toilet. Using your chart on fixture units, I totaled 23.0. My water bill says I have a 5/8" meter. The questions are:
1)Is my goal of 3 fixtures operating simultaneously realistic?
2)Is a 3/4" line to the meter sufficient? Would 1" be that much better, and worth the additional cost?
3)Are 3/4" or 1" feasible from a 5/8" meter? Would I need the meter replaced with a larger one (I hear that costs, not only for the replacement, but also on the monthly bill - any thoughts?)
4)Any pros and cons for having the line replaced "trenchless"?

Thanks for the help.

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