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Posted by sam on November 02, 1998 at 15:04:03:
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I can only say that my wife, son and I built our house 14 years ago. Installed three instant units (electric) at the various points of use. Have absolutely no regrets other than not using gas from the beginning. Never run out of hot water. We're switching over now to gas and using a whole house unit, either the 125B or the 170. 170 because we occasionally have a heavy influx of guests (greater usuage of water, many using the hot water at the same time). Any questions, ask. Good luck. Sam

: While planning a kitchen/bathroom remodel, I need to relocate and replace my 40 gallon gas waterheater. I have plenty of hot water-small house of three, 1 bath.I am considering using a gas tankless heater- this will allow me to move the unit into the attic and save much needed space.
: I have seen the Myson CF325 and the Aquastar 125B on paper. Will a tanklesss unit provide the amouont of hot water I am used to? Any advantages/ disadvantages I need to know about?
: I would have the unit installed by a professional,I know my limitations.

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