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Posted by hj on February 14, 19101 at 23:43:41:
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Most codes specify a minimum of 12" below the ground, mainly to protect it against shovels and picks while doing yard work. The amount of water you have to run is determined by the size of the pipe and how long it is. You will always have to run the cooled water out of it before you get hot water. And the amount of cooled water will always be the same regardless of the heater's temperature.

: My main water line outside of my new home (less than 6 months old) is not buried undergound. My question is for New Orleans LA how deep should the line be buried underground.

: 2nd question:
: What can i do to make the hot water come out faster? I tired changing the temp sitting on the hot water heater (gas) but it still takes almost a 1/2 of sink before the water turns hot( that is over a gallon of water) everytime i use the hot water.

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