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: What can I do to prolong the life of my water heater
Is it an electric water heater? In an area of hard water flush it out through the hose bib drain fitting at the bottom of the tank at least every two years. Three to five years if soft water. Ocassionally inspect the submersed water heater elements for continuity(w/ an ohm meter or auto continuity test light), after shutting off the Power Circuit Breaker. Note: if one of the elements has defaulted(open circuited) the other heating element will run constantly, attempting to maintain the water temperature at the thermostat setting. The water temperature will be cooler and will take longer to reheat the water. You should also notice a higher than usual electric usage, review your electric bill monthly, when this happens. Per the instructions inspect the anode as directed, replace it when necessary. Follow the manufacturers & installers instructions, as the water and power will need to be shut of to do this. You may hire a qualified plumber to do this it you don't have the experience and or proper tools.
Inspect the water heater annually, looking for signs of waterleaks,any rust or anything unusual. You may have to remove the heating element cover plates(power off) to do this. If the heater is covered with an insulating blanket you may first have to partially remove it.
In wet areas, or in a garage where the floor may become wet, it is best to have the heater elevated at least six inches off the floor.
If you have a small family, your home is vacant more than half the day or you live alone and travel a lot it would be a good idea to install a timer to shut the power to the heater off during the times you and or the family is away from home. Hope this helps. Happy Valentines Day.

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