Re: sewage backflow ..please help
Posted by Chip Wilhide on February 13, 19101 at 21:17:38:
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If you have a septic tank with septic field you need to get your tank pumped out ASAP. My neighbor had the same symptoms you described. The fellow that typically performs the service said he is getting a tremendous increase in business this year due to the weather. I have no clue what the relationship is other than frozen ground with slow water seepage.

Need some expert opinions to jump in.

Chip Wilhide

: My toilet wouldn't flush so I cleaned out the vent pipe from the roof.I also snaked out the main pipe from the cleanout outside the bathroom.
: Well my toilet flushes now but it sends most of the sewage back towards the cleanout instead of to the street.I opened the pipe in the front of the house and flushed the toilet only to see water and no toilet paper flow this way.I went to the cleanout after flushing and saw raw sewage pushing out.
: Is their anything I can do ?
: has this ever happened to anyone before?
: please help,
: Rick

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