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Posted by jr on February 13, 19101 at 20:47:05:
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: I have one toilet for a family of 5 and I have also had a plummer in to snake all my drains but tonight something is clogging up my toilet. (With 2 kids there is no telling what it is) But I have snaked and plunged for hours and I'm just about ready to take a hammer to it. Should I take up the whole toilet and snake it that way or keep plunging?
Past experience with 7 children. Found in upper part of the 'reverse P-trap': a small wooden toy boat, a bar of soap (which eventually melted enough to drop down and be noticed), a build up of 'matter' in the upper curve of the reverse P-trap and finally a small baby bottle lodged in same area. In all cases a snake went by the objects, fooling me into thinking I had solved the problem. But the toilet would not work right all the time because solids and tissue would hang up on the obstruction. Even a paid plumber couldn't solve the problem. I finally did by removing the fixture, flipping it over, reaching in(with rubber gloves on) and finding the problem! Thereafter I used a sturdy piece of wire w/ a hooked end to snake and remove the obstruction. Easier than removing the water closet. Hope this helps, good luck.

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