Lead Drum Trap - Leaking
Posted by Daneen Rucki on February 13, 19101 at 13:12:18:
We live in a Victorian House built in 1889. The bath tub on the upper floor clogged up after Christmas. We called in a plumber who snaked the drain. He never said there might be problems or that he might puncture our old plumbing but... One week later we had water running through our kitchen cieling. After ripping out the ceiling we found a lead drum trap.

The plumber refuses any responsibility for the leak and in fact will not even reimburse us for the original $74.00 charge to snake the drain.

I want him to accept some liability. I think he should have at least warned us that he might puncture some plumbing in the wall.

We've installed a temporary fix - plumbers putty in the nail sized hole and wrapped the trap in rubber and clamps. Not sure how long this will work but the alternative seems to be to replace all the lead pipe (estimates are running at about $1,200).

I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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