Re: Refrigerator with Copper Line
Posted by Marty on February 13, 19101 at 04:00:53:
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Hi Terry: Sounds to me that the previous owner had a water leak and used the homeowner friend, chaulking, to fix the problem. Don't make the same mistake twice! What you'll need is a 1/4" compression nut, a 1/4"ferrall and if it's a plastic waterline, a brass insert. The insert will fit into the plastic tubing, preventing it from collapsing when the ferrall and the nut are tightened down onto the tubing. The waterline at the fridge may have a 1/4" compression X compression coupling already installed and you just have to tighten the nut onto this coupling. If it's just a copper tube at the back of the fridge, you'll have to supply this coupling to make the connection. Marty

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