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Posted by Dick -- Alaska on February 13, 19101 at 01:20:11:
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: Hi
: I am a real Estate owner , please I would like to know what is the best water leak detectors for pinpointing even water drops in PVC pipes befor starting to break the tiles? Please let me know ASAP ... Thank you for your help

I think we found them at Radio Shack, but we use an ultra-simple 9-volt battery-powered comprised of a small box containing the battery and an irritating alarm device, connected with a thin cable to a 2" thin housing with two "contacts" set in the bottom. Cost was something like $10 each,plus a battery. NOTE: our units do NOT warn of a low battery like most smoke alarms do. Use 9-volt Alkalines for long life, and check the sensors whenever you check your smoke alarm batteries.

NOTE: This unit sounds whenever there is enough moisture under it to complete the circuit between the two contacts, so install them in the lowest point in the area at risk. We have one right beside our water softener, which used to clog at times.

You could probably find inexpensive units like this with a search engine on the Internet, using "water alarm" (with the quote marks). You may get a few water-in-gas-tank alarms mixed in, etc. along with what you are looking for.

On the higher-tech end, there are also snazzy units that "phone home" to whatever number you have pre-programmed in to dial whenever water is detected. I found a similar unit that will phone me if my shop ever cools to 45 degrees, and the cost was around $130 as I recall. (Also would work for a rental, second home, etc.) Good luck.

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