Bathroom Drainage
Posted by James on February 13, 19101 at 00:13:58:
Toilet seems to plug often. But not enough material to stop the discharge. Appears to be an air lock. Shower will glup when it drains. Bathroom sink seems to drain fine. Sink is at end of drain then toilet then washer then bath tub then kitchen sink then out to drain field. Have one vent over kitchen sink and it works fine. Have two other vents on system right above toilet and bath sink. Looked down vents and they appear to be clear all the way to bottom. Opened end of drain next to bath sink and pipe is clear of all materials. Washer machine will cause bath tub to gurgle. I feel that I have a preasure problem and the vents are not working but there is no foul ordors in the house. I have installed three different toilets each one a different brand. Same results. When toilet seems to be clogged I take a plunger and just give it one quick push and the bowl dumps its content. I have lowered a flash light down each vent and it bottoms out in the main sewage pipe. They seem to be 1 1/2 inch vent pipes. Could they be to small. This has been a problem for over 20 years. It started about 3 years after moving in to the house. I am at a loss. Any suggestions? Thanks Jim

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