Posted by Ron Torbert on November 02, 1998 at 00:52:21:
Terry -

I saw your guidance regarding the construction of a
drywell. I live in Florida and have sandy soil which
seems to perc well. I plan to add French drains to
remove the roof water from around my house.

To do this, I plan to connect my guttering to two 4"
black-corrugated pipes located on each side of the house
and empty the water about 20 feet away into two drywell.
My question is simple, how large of a drywell do you
feel I need? Is the use of two drywells an over-kill?
The house has 5 gutter down-spouts and is around
2000 sq ft. The books I have read say a 55-gallon
drum can be used. They also mentioned concrete blocks.
What are your takes on this? Any help or guidance
will be appreciated.

Regards -


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