Re: Tub Spout Pipe - Water flows from it - HELP!
Posted by P Davis on February 11, 19101 at 17:44:10:
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: The tub spout was dripping, then came the hot stream, then more or less like it was on low. I replaced the whole stem to the hot in tact, have made no adjustments to the stem assembly.
: Still stream pours out of spout. Took off spout to reveil pipe sticking out off wll, the spout itself is not leaking - BUT the pipe is flowing freely.
: What is the best thing for me to do at this point? Husband NOT a plumber of even amatuer nature so HELP!
: My tub is a hot round on left and /cold round on right diverter /spout reg ol grade.
: WHAT WOULD make spout pipe flow even when tub is off?? have a trap door to pipes opposite wall there are no pipe leaks on joint leaks.

: Thank you so much for the help!

ALL IS OK, Hubby saves the day - the seats were dead and he replaced them and the washers (again), then he replaced the spout!!
Should never doubt a determined soul!!!

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