Tub Spout Pipe - Water flows from it - HELP!
Posted by Pamela Davus on February 11, 19101 at 15:02:03:
The tub spout was dripping, then came the hot stream, then more or less like it was on low. I replaced the whole stem to the hot in tact, have made no adjustments to the stem assembly.
Still stream pours out of spout. Took off spout to reveil pipe sticking out off wll, the spout itself is not leaking - BUT the pipe is flowing freely.
What is the best thing for me to do at this point? Husband NOT a plumber of even amatuer nature so HELP!
My tub is a hot round on left and /cold round on right diverter /spout reg ol grade.
WHAT WOULD make spout pipe flow even when tub is off?? have a trap door to pipes opposite wall there are no pipe leaks on joint leaks.

Thank you so much for the help!

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