Proper location of Drains for Rough-In Full Bsmnt Bathroom
Posted by MP on February 10, 19101 at 17:22:32:
Hi - I'm having my home built for me and want to confirm what should be the proper wall clearances for the drain pipes of a full bath. I plan to finish my basement with 2x4 studs and drywall, which should require me to need an additional 5-6 inches of clearance. I'll put in a standard toilet and square or corner shower stall. This means I should need the drain for the toilet at 18 inches and shower drain 24 inches from the basement wall. Correct?, or am I missing something? Also, I'll be having a hung sewer installed. Any major disadvantages? I know I need a sewage ejector pump system and will have one installed into the basement floor. Will this cause me problems? I'm think I'll go with a Zoeller (not to many other choices on-line). Does anyone know if they are reliable? (or a better system?) Thanks Alot!!!

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