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Posted by Chip Wilhide on February 09, 19101 at 18:05:53:
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I am not an expert, however, I spent quite a of time investigaqting a potential product for commercial use in waterproofing projects. While this product is helpful it is expensive and can only be applied in certain applications. Yours sounds like one that most waterproofing products would not work effectively.

First step is to study the slope around your house. Make certain none of the surfaces slope toward your foundation. Even the slightest slope can cause problems. So regrade and or build up around the foundation to cause all water runoff to flow away from foundation.

Next step is to make sure all the roofs gutters are clear and that spouts empty away from the house. Use pipe, cement gutter blocks, etc to insure the water runs away from the foundation.

Also inspect the functioning of your sump pump again to insure it kicks on before the water level rises too high. It is assumed that this sump pump emptys away from the house where there is no chance and flowing back toward it.

In most instances a waterproofing membrane can not be applied over a surface which has hydrostatic pressure from below.

Additionally, regrading is often much cheaper and also resolves most problems.

Best of luck!


: Hi:
: I live in a 3.5 yr old home in a subdivision on about 1/3 acre. Last year, after a very heavy rain, we got about an inch of water in the basement. Now, whenever it rains hards, water seems to be seeping up through the concrete floor. What is causing this and how do I fix it? The sump pump is working fine, not overworking. It's making me nuts!
: Christine

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