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Posted by CM on February 09, 19101 at 17:54:18:
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Don't know of this system, but beware that it will also maintain hot water in your cold water lines! It will also tend to backflush your cold water lines with hot water, which you may not want - in the short term, your cold water may be full of backflushed slime/crud. I'm not sure that this would be "code friendly". If you really care about this, install a true recirc system. Any ideas from others on this?

: Saw an advertisement in a magazine a few years back about a system that could be connected between hot and cold lines feeding a sink or shower. As I recall the system had a small electric pump with temperature sensor. When turned on the pump would move water from the hot water line to the cold water line. This in effect created a recirc system from the HWT hot water out line and back in through the cold water feed line. This maintained hot water at the sink no matter how far it was from the HWT (I hate running water down the drain waiting for it to get warm/hot).

: Does anyone monitoring this group know where I can find this system if it is being marketed as a complete package?

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